Moser is an experienced design/build construction company. With the design/build construction method, we are the overarching entity that works for you to cover all of your design and construction needs.

With a design/build project, it is our job to pull together an integrated team of all the experts needed to take your project from start to finish. This includes design, engineering, contractors, subcontractors and other key project partners. You leave the coordination to us, so you can focus on other important things like running your business.

There are lots of good things to say about the Design/Build advantage:

Faster Delivery – integrated teams work more efficiently and with fewer bumps in the road

Better Quality – collaboration within the single project team delivers better ideas and better quality

Greater Flexibility – having a team with vast capabilities means more project flexibility

Lower Costs – a cohesive, single-source team drives efficiency and removes the chance of cost overruns

Less Risk – the Design/Build team assumes accountability for all aspects of the project

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